About Cremorne Conveyancing

About Cremorne Conveyancing

Expert Conveyancing Services & Advice

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. Get it right and you will have an investment that provides security for years to come. Get it wrong and the ramifications can be emotionally and economically devastating.

We work with you to ensure you buy a property that;

  • is not ridden with fundamental flaws that are expensive or impossible to fix
  • is not restricted or encumbered by legal caveats and covenants that could prohibit renovation or redevelopment

Cremorne Conveyancing are industry professionals, highly experienced and qualified, with expert knowledge of NSW and Sydney markets.

Further, we work hard to ensure we are across all relevant legislation and the continuing legislative changes as they can dramatically impact on the sale and purchase of property.


We offer a 24-hour contract review service.

Over 30 years experience

Our Managing Director, Jennie Tonner, has more than 30 years of experience with two of Australia’s leading law firms: Mallesons Stephen Jaques and Allens Arthur Robinson, and has been running Cremorne Conveyancing for nearly 7 years.

Jennie offers a high quality, fast and affordable residential conveyancing service to clients across Sydney and throughout NSW.

Jennie will walk you through every step of buying your property, whether it’s your first or your last.


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Our Commitment to You

We’re exclusively on your side.

We will guide you through your property transaction – whether buying or selling – and we will provide you with clear, accurate, independent and expert conveyancing advice.

For more information see our Code of Practice.

Our Fees and Charges

Our success is built on honesty and results.

Our speed, efficiency and unrivalled expertise will save you time and money. We offer a competitive flat rate ‘fixed fee + disbursements’ pricing structure for both purchases and sales – which equates to exceptional value for money.

Call 02 9969 3503 for an obligation free quote. We begin work immediately.

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance

Cremorne Conveyancing is the trading name of Jennie Tonner Conveyancing Services Pty Ltd (ABN: 32 136 726 737) which is licensed in NSW (Licence No: 1602952) and is covered by a policy of Professional Indemnity Insurance issued by Vero Insurance (75%) and Allianz Australia (25%).

This insurance is approved by NSW Minister for Fair Trading under the NSW Conveyancers Licensing Act and protects our clients.