If you have a vision to build wealth through property investment, we have the tools to help you on the journey. Whether you are considering your first investment property or your fifteenth, we make you these promises:


We listen carefully

While there may be similarities, everyone we meet has different goals. Rather than trying to fit our clients into products, we invest the time to understand their goals and then locate tailored methods of helping them achieve those aspirations.

It sounds simple, but actively listening – rather than talking to you about products – is one of the many things that sets us apart.


We share the vision

Those who can, do. Atelier believes investing in property can lead  to wealth creation and will guide you through a process of articulating your goals. We understand the market and the personal commitments required to grow a property portfolio. Bank’s aren’t set up to help you build an investment property portfolio – their measure is ‘products per customer’ to make it harder for you to leave. Sometimes it takes moving your finances to another institution based on more flexible credit policy or a sharper interest rate to enable you to build your property portfolio.


We will partner with you

Easily said, but living this promise takes commitment. Atelier is proactive about client relationships. We don’t believe in waiting for you to call us based on an interest rate movement. We will speak with you regularly to ensure you’re on track and maintaining the most tax effective structure for your circumstances (with our accountant partners), and are aware of holding costs so you’re making educated buying and selling decisions. Of course, we will also help you quickly adjust or refinance when your situation changes.