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Swimming Pools – the laws have changed

Part of the great Australian dream is to own a property with a swimming pool. If you already own one, then you need to be prepared for new laws surrounding swimming pools that come into effect on Friday, 29 April 2016.

The laws are aimed at improving swimming pool safety and compliance by forcing owners of properties with swimming pools to ensure that they are compliant before they rent or sell a property.

Note for sellers:

If you are selling a property after 29 April 2016 that has a swimming pool or spa pool you must ensure that your contract includes:

  • a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance or relevant occupation certificate issued within the last three years AND;
  • a certificate of registration.

If you try to sell your property without these documents attached to your contract and the buyer finds out about it they will be able to withdraw from the purchase and get their deposit back without penalty.

How to obtain a compliance certificate:

There are two ways you can obtain a certificate of compliance for your swimming pool/spa:

  • Make an application to your local Council to come and inspect your pool. If it is compliant they will issue you with a compliance certificate. If it is not compliant they will issue you with a work order to complete repairs/alterations that you need to complete before you will receive your compliance certificate.
  • Engage an accredited swimming pool certifier who must be registered with the Building Professionals Board. The process is the same, they will inspect your pool but only issue you with a compliance certificate if your pool is compliant.

Once you receive your certificate of compliance it is valid for three years from the date of its issue.



Don’t jeopardise the sale of your home due to lack of compliance. Make sure you get all the necessary certificates.